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A variety of investment options
Immediate 100% vesting
Ability to borrow from your 401(k) Plan


Potential Tax Savings
It’s never too late to start
See the Power of Compound Earnings


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Enroll in the Plan

Enrollment is easy. First, use the Contribution Calculator to the right to determine how much you want to save with each paycheck.

After you have determined how much you want to save, simply complete one of the Enrollment Forms to the right, along with the Beneficiary Form and return them both to your Employer. Remember to keep copies for yourself. Check with your Employer or Union to determine which Enrollment Form is appropriate for your plan or call Plan Representatives at 800-477-3829.

Rollover money into the Plan

This Form is used to roll money from another retirement plan or IRA into your Supplemental Income 401(k) Account. The Form outlines exactly what types of money can be rolled into the Plan and tells us how you would like the money invested in the Plan.

Contact Us
Plan Representatives (800) 477-3829

Your Plan Representatives can help you make informed investment decisions about your contributions and the asset allocation options available. They can also help review individual investment objectives and respond to questions concerning investment options. In addition, they can also respond to your inquiries about features and provisions of the Plan.

Participant Account Service Center (800) 560-3243

This 24-hour, toll-free service will help you find out your account balance, change your investment mix, and find the performance of your funds. In addition, the Account Service Center provides participants with live service, where you can speak with a representative to process account transactions or get more information regarding loans, distributions, and hardship withdrawals.